The Clap is a Nickname For Which STI ?

Overview Me too used to hear the name clap and only could be described by my older friends and i wondered what clap meant. But again i never paid attention since it never affected me. Ti…

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Haemophilus ducreyi Diagnosis in the Lab

What is Haemophilus ducreyi? The vaginal or penile ulcer disease called chancroid is brought on by the tiny, Gram-negative coccobacillus known as Haemophilus ducreyi. HIV-1 acquisition an…

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HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus): Facts in 2023

HSV-2 and other Herpes simplex virus Herpes, often known as the herpes simplex virus (HSV), is a widespread infection that can result in excruciating blisters or ulcers. The main method of …

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What is Treponema Pallidum ?

Overview Treponema pallidum infection commonly Syphilis is a chronic, sexually transmitted disease with multiple stages that is brought on by the spirochete bacterium called Treponema pal…

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What are Hepatitis A Symptoms?

What is Hepatitis A? Hepatitis A  (Hep A) is a liver inflammation/disease caused by hepatitis A virus. This viral infection in the liver causes problems with how the liver carry out its fun…

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Syphilis meningitis: What is it?

S yphilis meningitis  is a form of bacterial meningitis that occurs due to a complication of syphilis. Without treatment, it can lead to permanent injury or death.                         …

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