Dating in Zambia became popular since 2013 when a number of men and women accessing internet increased to 4.8% of the population. Men however have shown a mega interest in dating recently. The reason could be civilization or maybe curiosity. In addition dating sites have become very available in Zambia such that at least  2 in every 20 men with internet access have visited one or more dating sites in the past 6 months.

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man using dating website Zambia
Image Credit: Dating Ranking. A final success after searching for a date 

Some dating sites have own apps available on relevant stores that men can easily download and use. Have you ever heard of Christin dating site? In Zambia there is an online dating platform just for Christians. Also widowed men in Zambia have the opportunity to find ladies who are willing to date them regardless of the status. As that is not all, people also have gone far with dating reaching an extent of meeting potential partners who are HIV positive. Its is all about personal preferences in the dating market.

For the purpose of dating sites in  Zambia, i am going to  bring out 10 readily available sites that many men have given usable reviews. The more the reviews the better the dating site.

Remember that some dating sites are free while others needs some payments to connect with women and access premium features of the site.  Read also: 10 things women look for in a man

Here are the common used dating sites in Zambia.


Men in Zambia have dated using facebook and some of them have found marriages through it. Facebook groups are being utilized for dating purposes. There are groups for specific dating purposes like single widowed, Christian’s dating and so on. Facebook is popular since not only dating it can also be used for different social purposes and business. 

Rating: 4.7/5


The other popular site available in Zambia is Tinder. Many of you men have used tinder before. The location service on your phone works with tinder to locate you and suggest potential dates for you. 

Rating: 4.1/5

3. Afrointroductions

Mostly for all Africans , this dating site makes it easy for Zambian men and other Africans introduce themselves for the purposes of finding a partner.

Rating 3.2/5

4. Badoo 

Just like tinder Badoo is popular and easy to use website for dating. In Zambia men can use Badoo to find a beautiful woman to date. A new observation says that Badoo is commonly used among college and university students to mingle around even within the campuses. 

Rating: 4.4/5

5. Mingle2

As the name suggests mingle2 is a dating site available in Zambia. Most people in mingle2 are those working classes. If you need a working class woman head yourself to mingle2.

Rating: 3.7/5  

6. Christian dating for free

Well. Men be careful about this platform. Not everyone who says amen is a Christian. Many scammers have taken advantage of this platform. They want to sound holy virtually so they can go away with your money. Never send money to a person you don’t know. Many have reported getting swindled in the name of dating. 


7. A datingnest

If you are looking for young cute ladies for online dating then her is your place. Get your phone and start searching for your match . You will possibly find one and be happy with. 

Rating : 4.0/5

8. DatingBuzz

A lot of  big mamas exist on this platform . So if you are looking for a dating site that hosts big looking ladies DatingBuzz is your target. However location service doesn’t seem to work well. Yo will be give a suggestion of a woman who is from very far. 

Rating : 4.2/5


This one is a Zambian own dating site that was developed in 2018 for the purpose of connecting Zambian men to potential sweethearts. You don’t need to pay anything to use this site.

Rating: 3.5/5 

10. Connecting Singles

Any type of women are found here . Slim, fat and chubby ones. It’s an easy great  to use platform if you want to dating. When it comes to fasting responding profiles this platform is the best. You get a response within few minutes. 

Rating: 3.9/5

What is so exciting about online dating?

Many people are skeptical meeting a persona face to face. With the introduction of online dating people get excited because they can talk to someone and make arrangements without meeting in the initial stages. Shy people or introverts are more likely to use dating sites than the counterparts, research says.

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What Precautions should men take before using online dating sites?

The obvious thing about dating sites is that you chat with a stranger. The purpose of dating online has been an exploit for most online  scammers. People have different backgrounds so individuals who chooses to use dating sites in Zambia should be careful. A scammer may pretend as a beautiful girl in one of the sites ending up duping people. I know many men are desperate for dating online but the consequences maybe so detrimental. Never get into a deal with anyone who seems too good to be true. They may send a man nudes and all sorts of photos to seduce them but the key is your third eye needs to work.

The right way to catch up with a woman on dating sites.

Obviously the process is so tiresome than what you all think. Imagine millions of beautiful profiles of ladies and you are there for just one person. Scrolling the site  up and down in search of the potential lady. What you can do is to plan about the type of  a woman you need. Men should have clear picture of what they want or else you will end up caching no fish in the pond of plenty. The good part is that dating sites gives each user chance to describe themselves. 

Complexion, body size , height and location are among the parameters men should consider when choosing a woman. Make sure you know exactly what suits your desire. Of course some of you guys have go on dating sites for fun but for those of you who needs a partner can make sure the parameters are met in accordance to your wishes. Take it easy once you find your match.


Dating sites have disappointed a lot of men due to the fact that what is on the profile photo may not be guaranteed the actual woman. Men are encouraged to use social intelligence to determine the legibility of a profile.

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