You may not have enough time to do business because of the nature of your job. Small side hustles are by far the great way to increase your income. Passive income entails that you are not actively engaged with the business. Many people have reduced financial burdens with passive income from side hustles. Your job brings major income at home but side hustles help to solve small incidental financial needs.  To be financially stable you need different sources of income and side hustles are the best source of passive income. Use your salary to start up a side hustle business that will help you balance up the financial deficit that you normally face.

side hustle mechanical engineering
Photo by Jose Phiri: Chipasha Jay learning mechanical engineering skills

Today am going to provide ideas on best passive income side hustles that may help, sources of capital, how to maintain your financial stamina and how to adjust spending so your side hustle should not close before making profit.  

Prerequisites for setting up a small passive income side hustle

For many people who succeed in business whether small, medium or big have done good research on how to run it and how marketable it is. By research we don't mean employing research experts from Oxford university. just your simple observation and few consultations are enough to indicate what business can profit you. The basic business information or data you need are the following:


A. Product selection

The first indicators of business success including side hustles include the product or service you want to offer. Do the service of product on demand to the target market? You can have a very good idea of a side hustle but if no one is willing to use your service or product better change direction of business idea to something else. The thing is you will not make profit since no one is eager to connect with your business. 

B. Market size and location 

Population of the target market matters even in passive income generating ventures. Simple logic is that the more the population that needs your service the more the sales and also profit. Imagine you spend lot of money ordering items that will just rot in the shelves due to low customer base. You may need to consider taking your service or product to a different location where there is enough market for your product/service. 

C. Costs considerations

Many businesses fail due to high expenses than income/profit. Imagine your whole purpose of starting a side hustle is to get some profit. But instead, your capital is swallowed in without output. So, your plan should be choosing a business that has normal costs of managing it. Avoid starting hustles that will end up needing money over and over minus profit. The truth is business even the side hustles may not be easy to run but make sure reasonability is considered when choosing which hustle to tackle.  

D. Time and resources needed

I understand that when you were using your time clicking on this post you needed a side hustle because you have a job. All you are looking for is something that will not need your full time. It’s the passive income you want while carrying on with your main job. So, you would want to go for a hustle that is time friendly maybe putting in for some days in a week.

When choosing a side hustle the goal is to utilize minimal resources. You do not have huge capital for the startup therefore you need to match the resources needed and the capital you have for your side hustle. You don’t want to higher an expert for a small business what are you going to pay them?


E. Legal requirements.

It can be very conflicting with law if you start a business that need certain certifications yet you do not have any. The regulatory bodies of the nation may end up closing your business and you lose your capital invested in. Find out about the certifications that you need in the area of your side hustle. Get the required paper work with consultation from relevant people in your area.

6 Best Side hustles that can help bringing passive income.

1. Farming

Farming is one of the best options for side hustle.  You can simply consult from experienced farmers how to manage a small scale farm. We have seen a lot of people moving into farming, a sign that there is a lot of demand in farm products. The major farming side hustle you can venture in include:

  • Poultry farming, 
  • vegetables 
  • piggery, 
  • Cone farming, 
  • soybean

2. Micro blogging

Microblogging is giving some information about certain topics you know better using platforms like 

  • Facebook 
  • X (formerly twitter) 
  • Reddit 
  • Threads by meta.

Using these platforms you can become a social influencer, attract many followers and start advertising for people or your own products. The microblogging side hustle is real and many young men are making money. You do not need to spend the whole day publishing on your platform. People are interested in videos and some updates on news or sports affairs so providing such things on your platform will attract kilos of followers.

Make it easy for people to get your products by providing a delivery service to their locations at a fair charge.

Products you can sell on microblog platforms include:

  •  Hand bags
  • Pairs of trousers 
  • Shoes ( for both men's and women's) 
  • Suits 
  • Phone accessories
  • weight lose products 

 Being creative is a great way to go with these social platforms. People are willing to buy as long as you stay genuine. Many people have used platforms like Meta’s Facebook to buy most of items including smartphones.

You can give items on credit to your followers who you personally know and live within your area. Payment plan can be discussed with them and make sure there is a signed agreement.


Additionally, you can start your own blog website where you can sell products like digital books, affiliate products or join publisher programs that earn you money through advertising for other people. A good example of such networks include

  • AdSterra
  • Google’s AdSense
  • PopAds



3. Betting.

After all you only need some cash and a smartphone. There are so many risks with betting but with time people have won good amounts of money.

Here are few things to know before joining the betting family. Expect loses, do not be greedy with betting, choose the type of sport you want to start betting on and learn important principles associated with it. There are many online tutorials on how to be good at betting. Videos and article are available on the internet and some have used them for success. With experience you will appreciate the art of betting.

There are many betting sites that you can use such as 

  • BetWay 
  • BetPawa
  • BolaBet 
  • GSB and 
  • 1XBet.

For other countries check the available platform that you can use. I know BetWay is in many regions of the world and many have used it for betting.

 4. Become a freelancer. 

Learn a skill that you find appealing to you and exchange it with money. Freelancing is one of the best passive income side hustle people have used for many years. You need a skill then find market for it. Make yourself known for it and share your contacts so people can connect with you each time they need your service. For example, one of my friends In Lusaka is a good web designer. Per month he gets not less than 5 customers who needs website design work to be done. He is making some good money even though he already has a job within town.

Managing other people's social media accounts, Copyrighting, Photography, Wedding planning, Tailoring, mechanic engineering, computer repairing are examples of side hustles people are using to earn passive income.


5. Be a canteen owner.

Just right there near your work place set up a canteen that you and your coworkers will be buying foods. To do this you may need to talk to your bosses and assure them you will abide by rules that you will be given and explain why you think it’s helpful to start a restaurant near your work place. Include fast foods and drinks that most of your workmates like. You may not need a lot of money to start this kind of side hustle.


6. Provide Mobile money service

In this business you need to register with relevant mobile service provider. Airtel, MTN and Zamtel in Zambia are the best-known networks that you can work with. You need national registration card, proof of residence and able to follow the network’s policy of mobile money service provision. Once that is done you can start with certain amount that the network’s area manager will advise.

Providing Mobile money service is one of the simplest side hustles you can start and it needs only about K5000. You can start saving from your salary to raise a k8000 within 4 months. Make sure to engage a trusted individual to operate the service for you.

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How to generally prevent overspending?

When you were thinking of having a side hustle the idea was to increase your income. The only mistake you can make is spending more than what you make. No matter how much  money you make from your job together with you side hustle over spending will surely leave you broke. Here are ways that can help you minimize spending

A. Prioritize your shopping list.

Genuinely you are the best person who knows what is important and what is not in your life. Stick to buying the important things first when you are still struggling financially. Avoid buying anyhow, instead make and stick to your budget. I know you have observed that when you have money what to spend it on will always be available. Only buy important items and save the rest for future use. Spending mania is real and beating it with a budget has worked for many of us.

B. Adopt a realistic lifestyle.

Sit down and match your lifestyle with your income. How much do you think is enough to live a normal life? Will the current spending culture going to sustain your financial needs? It's prudent not to copy extravagant lifestyle from people if you are not financially sound. The best step is to accumulate enough funds first. Understand that you are at a foundation level and overspending may just keep you at a lower level or worse broke. Live under your means to accumulate enough savings

C. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Every month 3 different bank deductions from television services? That's somehow too much. just choose one depending on which shows or TV programs you like watching. Cancel the rest. Just by taking that step you would manage to save money. Look around your documentation for a useless subscription and hit the unsubscribe button. You need money for important things first. 


How to fund your side hustle for passive income?

The following are easy ideas to that can help you fund your passive income side hustle.

A. Savings

You have a job and the capital for your supplementing source of income can be saved from salary. Plan ahead how big and what kind of business you want to start then calculate how much you can save per month. Saving is not that easy but is manageable only if you have a plan for it. Make a clear goal of your spending, make sure you are able to track the progress. Sometimes forget about these simple life issues that needs money if you want to save.

B. Borrowing.

From Microfinance institutions: Though not a good option but it helps. Visit a microfinance institution and agree with them on how you will be paying them back. Even your bank can offer you a soft loan that you can use to fund your side hustle.

From village bank: A best organization that you can borrow money from is village banking. A village bank is a local financial organization that is formed by members that put money together as savings and allow others to borrow the saved money. With village backing interest rates are far much lower than banks and microfinance institutions. You are allowed to pay smaller amounts till you finish.


C. A collaboration

Come up with a side hustle and explain it to your friend and ask him to partner with you. Collaborating with someone can make funding your hustle easy. Put money together and start generating your passive income. Am not sure what business you would choose but on the above list of hustles can make a good suit. Starting is difficult. However, by time you would have known how to play your cards and plan to grow your hustle together. It could be your friend workmate or any other person you feel is right for the purpose.

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