'50 beliefs for smart men' contains opinions from life experiences. We therefore encourage readers to remain responsible for actions they take in life

What is 50 beliefs for smart men?

It is a compilation of tips and rules that were opinionated through different life situations that different men have passed through. Many of these beliefs have helped to awaken men for a better future. As stated, our aim at Smartmen Zambia is giving guide and build strong future for men.

50 beliefs of smart men
Photo by Jose Phiri .  Author Epi Curus posing as a gentleman

Dear Men,

Find a backup source of income beside your monthly salary

Start a business that will bring an extra income in your life

Learn to save and make financial investment from your salary

One day, the company might no longer need you


Dear Men,

Don't waste your financial resources educating your women

Those duties belonged to her parents and not you 

You will be used as a leverage towards her success and be dumped 

The only person can pay fees for are your siblings and your children


Dear Men,

Stay away from borrowing money from shylocks by all means

If you don't have money find a way of regain your financial power.

Shylocks are the best opportunist when it comes to financial exploitation

You will lose your properties to shylocks


Dear Men, 

Women don't remember your sacrifices. 

They make decisions based on what they feel at the moment. 

Just focus on your betterment!

If you haven't achieved financial independence, avoid commitments.

Every woman has their own Price tag.

Your goals and ambition should be your first priority.

Your zeal to succeed should be your ultimate goal.


Dear Men, 

Before you spend your hard earned money on that woman

Ask yourself when was the last time your bought your self a nice item

Learn to invest in yourself before investing in women 

Remember you also deserve better things that life has to offer.


Dear Men, 

Please don’t ever feel intimidated by independent woman, she’s been through a lot that being strong is the only option for her to survive. 

She might be smart, she might have principles, she might be able to do things by herself, but she will always need you, in any way.

Don’t belittle yourself, step in.


Dear Men,

"I was there for you when you had nothing" means I saw your potential towards success and waited for it to happen. 

Don't be guilt tripped by women. 

They can smell success of a man from a distance.


Dear Men,

Don't go around impregnating women and denying it

If you can't afford to be a father remember to use condoms 

Don't bring a child into this world and deny them the privilege of having a father

Your generation deserves better. 

Learn to date women who have their own money

Someone who is working towards their financial independence.

Change or Perish.


Dear Men, 

Avoid investing in a women and focus on yourselves.

They don't care about the sacrifices you make.

One day she'll ask you if she forced you to help her out.

When hyper-gamy knocks she leaves you for a well established man

Focus on Yourself!


Dear Men, 

Avoid dating if you are still struggling to be financially independent 


Women are not an asset but rather a liability to a man


If you're broke you will get frustrated and depressed in the dating market 

If you got money women will chase after you. That's real life


Focus on your financial prosperity first  


Dear Men, 

While in your 20s don't compare yourself with successful people in their 60s.

Your will see people driving posh cars and living luxurious life style in their 60s.

Don't see yourself as a failure, you are just beginning to Build yourself.