A lot of men are finding it difficult to succeed in life simply due to lack of social intelligence skills. This post will give detailed information about how men can enhance social intelligence. Men will be able to detect manipulations by women and also by other people with harmful intentions. 

“Intuition and imagination are the true signs of intelligence not knowledge” — Albert Einstein. 

Social intelligence has more to do with understanding people and yourself through interactions.  Read also: 10 ways to look sharp at any age

social inteligence

Original photo: Man pointing at  social gathering

What is social intelligence?

In 1920, psychologist Edward Thorndike defined social intelligence as the ability to know oneself and to know others. Social intelligence is learned and develops from experience with people and learning from success and failures in social settings. Social intelligence is the ability to understand your own and others actions. It is also known as "tact" or "common sense", or "street smarts. Social intelligence is an are essential domain that has been studied by psychologists approved to be helpful in our everyday life situations.

Here are 5 social intelligence skills that can improve men’s lives. 

1. Intuition: Sometimes our brain has kept a lot of memories about things that we have experienced yet consciously we do not remember them. It is therefore very okay to use your instincts when deciding on social affairs. Intuition is the ability to understand things using feelings. It is possible using your intuition to sense danger or the presumed out come of things.

2. Self-regulation: This entails the capacity to refrain from making snap decisions about events and to think things through before acting. Additionally, it entails maintaining control over mood swings and urges in order to prevent them from impairing one's quality of life. Its defining characteristics are an openness to change, integrity, dependability, and a comfort with uncertainty.

3. Self-awareness:
 A self-conscious person is aware of their motivations and the effects their actions have on others. The most typical characteristics include a healthy amount of self-confidence, honest appraisals of one's conduit, and self-deprecating humor. It is the capacity to minimize your value while also not taking yourself too seriously.

4. Relationship skills: Strong social skills enable you to handle your peers effectively and build relationships with them with ease. Team leadership skills, management prowess, and persuasiveness are the hallmarks of this trait.

5. Social awareness: Being empathetic does not necessarily entail having compassion for others; rather, it entails being aware of how they are experiencing and acting accordingly. Customer service prowess, the capacity to find top talent, and attention to sociocultural aspects like gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation are trademarks.

How to Improve social intelligence skills? 

Simply sitting in front of your computer reading about social intelligence won’t make you good at it. You need to practice enough in different social settings. Here are  ways men can use to  master social Intelligence:

Participate in social events:

 sitting home with your relatives won’t make you a social intelligent man because you will get a limited set of behaviors. The best way is to go and join social events like concerts, watching football matches, playing games and other activities with people from different backgrounds. 

Use virtual social platforms: 

Honestly speaking, virtual social platforms like dating sites and other social media are loaded with a variety of personalities. Through interactions with different people both men and woman will equip you with great experience about social affairs. 

Be an active man:

 Doing exercises at least 3 times in a week makes your mental abilities stronger. Exercises improves your learning abilities in both  social organs academic settings. 

Be observant:

 Observant people are known to be socially intelligent because of their nature to observe and understand social clues. Ask questions about something you are not sure about during your observations. 

Benefits of being socially intelligent as a man 

It makes a good leader:

 Having great social intelligence makes a man be a good leader. Leading other people requires the ability to manage social affairs at home or organizational levels. 

Good relationships: 

Social intelligent men are able to form good relationships with others. It could be a business connection or any other relationship that can benefit them in one way or the other. 

Scam prevention:  

Through experience in different social settings men will be able to notice some key feature that leading to scams. Scams are everywhere including  online platform. For a social intelligent man few clues will be able to tell him something is fishy . 


For a man to be socially intelligent he needs to venture into different social settings to gain experience on how people behavior towards certain situations. Be an observant and skeptical man for you good social being. Do not trust anyone so easily because you do not know their exact  intentions.