The STD symptoms  men  develop depends on the attacked body parts. In men, STDs have a unique symptoms though appears faster than in females. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common in men and are diseases that one acquire through sex with an infected person usually when no form of protection was used. Seeking early treatment of STD will save all men from  developing complications.

Common std symptoms

Photo by Jose phiri . Showing common discharge symptom of std in men

In this article i will write about symptoms in men when they have STD. Additionally the ways men can use to avoid getting stds will also be discussed in simple to understand manner. It's is a very important topic which i recommend you to go through because there are new things added. Note that STDs are common and in most places.

What are the 10 STD symptoms in men?

Symptoms may not occur at all with some STDs. However the common Symptoms that men experience include the following:

1. Leaking from the manhood: 

Men should never ignore pus leaking/discharge from the penis. It's  a sign you have something eating you inside. gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis are the common STD that cause such symptoms.

2. Pain when peeing: 

Due to the fact that your body cells inside the urethra are being eaten by an STD germ injuries and  inflammation will form causing pain when passing urine.

3. Swelling of the balls:

 when certain stds especially those causing discharge may complicate to causing testicles to get swollen and this condition is very painful.

4. Sores on the manhood: 

Sexually transmitted disease like syphilis cause sores on the manhood. the sore appear for 3 to 6 weeks before disappearing. Its important to get treatment even if they sores disappear. 

5. Pain on the throat and tongue for gay men:

 Gay sexually transmitted disease symptoms are not that different. Those men who practice oral sex can get infected and symptoms appears as sores and pain on  throat. Since men who sleep with men can also get infected by sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms on gay targets the body parts being involved in sexual act.

6. Pain on the anus for gay men:

 Just like above explained gay men use anus for penetration during sex therefore gonorrhea or chlamydia can infect the anal are causing pain and difficult in passing stool.

7. Swelling in the groin areas:

 Some STD cause swelling and tenderness on the areas between your waist and the private part. If a man gets that infection the symptoms will show through swelling and pain. However hernia or hydrocele are two surgical conditions common in causing similar symptoms

8. warts on private parts:

 cauliflower like things growing on your private part may mean you have an STD. Syphilis and human papilloma virus diseases cause this problem in men. Read also: Signs of vaginal candidiasis

9. Failure to impregnate a woman:

 Once gonorrhea or chlamydia stays longer without treatment in your body can go to testicle and destroy the sperm production system, making a man not able to impregnate a woman

10. Strange Body  rash. 

Rash on  the private parts and also on the arms and legs may involve may mean you have a secondary stage of  syphilis disease. Rash can be itchy and so irritating.

 What can you do to avoid STD as a man?

Men should always use a condom or dental dame when having sex. Avoid having sex anyhow with strangers and more worse without using any protect. STD can complicate to a condition that you may regret so using protection is very important.

Once you are diagnosed with STDs make sure all your sexual partners are treated too. That will prevent infection again when you sleep with them. Getting treated only yourself does not make sense.

Some drugs like Azithromycin has been used to prevent STDs like chlamydia when taken hours  before sex. Even if not mentioned HIV as an STI can be prevented also through using pre-exposure prophylaxis.

What is the treatment of STD in men?

Most latest drugs to treat these symptoms depends on the actual STD a man is suffering from.  For discharge causing, Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin are drugs used. Flagyl  also is used in treatment of Trichomoniasis while syphilis is treated with Benzathine penicillin injection.

How long Do STD symptoms take to appear in men?

Symptoms in men especially the discharge ones appears within 5 days of contracting it. Many men have early symptoms within 3 days include painful urination and discharge  from the penis. 

What type of sexually transmitted diseases affects only men?

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections have existed for many years. The same infections that affect everyone can also infect men. There is really no particular sexually transmitted disease that only attacks men and leave women. The known and common STDs that men gets sick of with symptoms include the following: