Many times it’s difficult to tell whether or not your woman is a marriage material because some of them pretend until you make them your wife. For that reason, you need your intelligence to understand her and see if she is a marriage material. Do not worry there are signs that will alert you no matter what, I advise you take your time and be very observant.

So. Do you think you've finally discovered the right woman—the one who will stand by your side forever—to hold your hand? Do you believe you may finally advance your relationship with the woman you adore? You can get the answers you need from this article.

signs she is wife material woman
Photo by Jose Phiri. A wife material woman after women's function.

How can you determine whether your girlfriend is suitable for marriage? It's crucial to concentrate on the following attributes that make up an ideal life partner while attempting to determine whether the person you are dating has what it takes to be a decent wife and a loving mother to your kids.  Read also : How to reduce relationship stress 

10 Signs The woman you are dating is a wife material

Have a look at these signs that will make you be able to know if your woman is wife material: 

1. She has signs of maturity

One of the important signs that a woman is a marriage material is her ability to demonstrate social maturity in her characters. Maturity is that insight that controls us what to do or not. A marriage material woman needs to be mature enough and be able to scrutinize issues at hand and find the way forward on how to sort them out. A woman needs to be socially reasonable because marriage is a life long institution that needs patience, understanding and support to each other. She should be able to think on her out about the things she needs to do.
She is a positive influence and exudes confidence. If your girlfriend has the charm and charisma to inspire others to be their best selves, she is marriage material.

Get married to a person who is mature in their ability to overcome obstacles and find happiness.  

2. She is not a community bole-hole.

A woman you want to marry is a potential mother of your children. A marriage material has signs of being able to control herself not to be a woman for everyman in the village. Her misconducts may be a source of problems and your marriage won’t last longer. A woman should be descent and well behaved. You do not marry the sluts the regrets will soon be your everyday song. 10 things men look for in a woman

3. Clear plan for her life

Just by her ideas you can tell how serious a woman is with her life. She is a strong, determined woman who is aware of her goals in life and understands exactly how to go about achieving them. If your girlfriend has the strength and determination to pursue her objectives, consider getting married to her because she will encourage you to develop the same courage and faith to chase your own aspirations.

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4. Ability to defend herself

She is not a fragile princess or a helpless damsel in distress. Instead, she is capable of defending herself against all of life's difficulties. If your girlfriend doesn't require your protection from life's daily challenges, get married. Because she can also protect you, you don't necessarily need to be powerful all the time. This does not imply that she does not need you.

Because it won't always be easy once you're married, take turns being strong and support one another during the difficult times. Your affection for one another will be put to the test at times.

5. Financial independence.

She is capable of enjoying the nicest things in life without your financial assistance. If your girlfriend is capable of providing for herself or is making a concerted effort to acquire the skills required to become financially independent in the future, she is marriage material.

Wed someone who appreciates the necessity to contribute to your partnership's financial demands. You merely need to have enough money to provide each other with a decent and pleasant existence; you don't need to be wealthy. Read also: 10 things women look for in a man

6. Able to maintain her life without help.

She is capable of achieving both emotional and financial stability on her own, therefore she doesn't require anyone's help. If your girlfriend is highly aware of this and thinks that being independent is crucial, especially if they plan to raise a family of their own, she is a wife candidate.

7. willing to face relationship difficulties.

She is aware of the difficulties of trying to maintain a relationship. She also understands how to salvage a failing relationship and how to take failure's lessons to heart.

She is aware that these are merely difficulties, and that giving up on the one you love is never an option.

8. She trust your potentials

She encourages you when you're down and she always has the right thing to say when you want to give up on your goals. If she thinks you can achieve your goals as long as you put in the effort to do so, she's a potential wife.

9. She is genuinely in love with you.

A marriage material woman understand that love is the major purpose for a couple. Marrying for material things doesn’t help in a long run. She thinks that love has the ability to bring disparate individuals together. She values the connection that was formed out of love, romance, and faith for one another. She is aware that your love will always keep you two strong no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

If your girlfriend comprehends that love is always kind, patient, and selfless, she is marriage material.

She understands how to love herself and others and how to express that love. An excellent prospective mother and life partner is unselfish and has a natural ability to share their love and affection with their partner and their children.

10. Willing to establish a family with you.

If she feels that she is finally prepared to start and expand a family with you, she is marriage material. It's crucial that you both independently choose to get married because this is not a decision that should be hastened.

A wonderful girlfriend is aware that a marriage is a lifetime commitment that bonds two people together through good times and bad, in health and in sickness.


If you believe that your girlfriend possesses all of these qualities, you should never let her leave. If you discover that the person you are currently dating doesn't possess all of these traits, you must realize that a perfect relationship has its own level of maturity.

Be patient with one another, learn how to support one another's development, and make sure you're contributing to the best love story you'll ever have.