Do you believe in connections and have seen it helping people or your self? You just have to know how to make business connection because even in personal life they are important. With connections you can improve your life, find opportunities that would be difficult to come across without connections. Corruption is different from connections but am sure they are cousins in one way or the other. Mingle with big fish so they introduce you to other big fish so you become a big fish. 

Business partnerships that are mutually beneficial to you and the other party are referred to as connections. There are numerous ways in which these linkages might happen. At your current position, you can develop helpful relationships with coworkers or managers. You can make relationships with folks you meet there if you venture out and go to regional business events. Even social networking on the internet is a fantastic way to meet new people. These ties frequently have significant financial benefits in the working sphere.

business connections
Image Credit: World Vision Zambia. A working class lady in the office.

Connections are important in every aspects of life.  Service or product provision in many industries.

How to make business connections 

To make business connection you need to take certain steps or consider becoming a social being. The following are actions that can help you make business connections:

1. Be in love with social gatherings

Just sitting home with your family members wont make you any good in establishing connections. Connections are more beneficial if they are with people from other areas of business. Even though having connections with people within same category of business can make you profit doing it outside will do much better. You need individuals who do different things and they re found in gatherings. For you to find them you need to love gathering with strange different sets of people. Join social clubs and find yourself active in many social affairs to meet and know many people that could be business connections.

2. Introduce yourself and what you do.

Catch connections by showcasing what you do after your personal introduction. It is not only you who is looking for connection, so by introducing yourself and what you do will make catch peoples attention and exchange contacts for future business connections. Make sure you stay true in introducing yourself and your business because false alterations once discovered you will look like a crook and people don't like making business connections with crooks.

3. Get a skill.

Its difficult to live without any skill these days. You will want to mingle with people and attract them with your skills. People get interested and willing to make connections with people who have certain set of skills. Unfortunately that's how this world is nowadays you get a skill you make connections. Imagine they want to give you a favor, a job or anything without skills you end up losing the opportunities.

4. Be nice to others

As you interact with people show them you are a nice person who everyone would want to know and work with some day.  Business connections requires a good and trusted people who can also give a tentative idea of your personality. Personality is the best thing you can go for if you want to make business connections. Your personality will attract different connections that will improve your social network. 

5. Help in developing your Community.

Voluntary works matters a lot and it is seen as a good heart by people. Helping in developing your community attracts respect and that is how politicians gain respect. People will appreciate your work and eventually you become famous. Volunteer in public places like hospitals, school, roads and markets.  advocating for your community members makes people see the leadership in you therefore your name will be submitted to outsiders when they want a person that the community trusts and finds useful.

Signs of wrong business connections

There are just those strange uncomfortable sign that you make you aware you connections are contributing to your failure. Being able recognize a wrong connection can saver you .Some of the Signs of wrong connections are as follows:

A. Loses that come through your connections

You remember involving a connection in your business and got a lose? Do not forget that in your mind. Its a clear sign that you may end up losing your entire business stamina. Avoid such connections that makes you loses most of the time. Even a time worsted is money lost. Find connections that will respect your time and business not to make you make loses. Once you notice a lot of loses due to a certain connection then  a good path to take is distance yourself. Wrong connections are a problem that may leave you depressed.

B. Exploitation

All the time its them needing favors from you. That is one of the red flag if you want to know the wrong connections.  Good connections should promote symbiosis rather than parasitism. You need to think twice once you realize they are exploiting your position or your efforts and time. Connections that do not consider your needs are useless. 

Importance of connections

Business connections have been one of the tools to improve marketing and other improvements. The following are the benefits you will get from having connections both in business and personal life.

 1. Connections are Sources of ideas

In casual business networking, there is rarely enough time for in-depth discussion of subjects or the presentation of creative solutions. A connection, on the other hand, is an ongoing information exchange between you and another individual. The mutual advantage you both derive from exchanging stories and ideas is the secret to this flow. You can use the connections you've made to look for solutions if you need new marketing strategies or run into a problem that's stumping you.

2. Opportunities

Many opportunities are made available through connections. Some people call them corruption but anyway am not an expert on corruption issues. You need to be well connected to find jobs, investment opportunities and also improving your already existing business. Many people have found great opportunities through connection which could never be available if no connections existed. 

3. Connections broaden your business market.

Your connections are simply people you have come to understand and like . If they like you, also your business will benefit. A word or two about your product or service will make your connections notice and help you find customers. It may take time to increase your market but your connections are also helping you spread good news to other people. Connections are one of the marketing strategies companies use to increase customer base. 

4. You get personal Defense 

When you are well connected with respected people you are assured of defense for anything that other people may want to raise against you. Your enemies are everywhere not happy seeing you succeed. They will make sure to do whatever it takes to make their hearts satisfied. If you have connections at work or just in certain social affairs they will protect you. 

5. Source of Promotion 

You'll discover that as you continue to network professionally, unexpected doors will start to open up for you in your career. The majority of businesses favor appointing managers and supervisors from inside. They search for individuals who not only possess the requisite aptitudes and character attributes, but also are well-known, particularly by the managers in place. When it comes time for promotions, leaders will take notice of you more if you develop more relationships at work.


Having known the benefits of connections you will be working towards making some for your own good. Your business and personal life may improve due to these important social networks called connections. It is your duty also to make sure you are not in a wrong connection.

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