What a bad day could it be having had a condom break while enjoying? Imagine the whole purpose of putting on a condom was to avoid pregnancy, diseases and for hygiene purposes but the condom chooses to break. You may have heard or experienced a condom breaking during sex. What did you do after? 

Why do condoms sometimes break? If that has been a question clicking on your mind, here are the most common causes of condom failure, which may skyrocket the risks of contracting STDs, falling pregnant unintentionally, and experiencing many other issues.

The condom breaks while you're enjoying with your partner in the present time. And lots of fears sets in as you begin to feel that all of your preparations for having sex were in total vain. One snap of the latex could increase the danger of becoming pregnant, contracting an STDs, or even something worse. But let's burst the myth because condom breaking is a common occurrence and can occur for a variety of reasons.

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Reasons condom break

Photo by Jose Phiri.: Always Check expiry date of a condom

Fortunately, this post will explain every reasons why condoms break during sex,  what you will need to do and also what to expect when you seek help from the health facility. 

What are the 6 Reasons why Condoms Break?

There could be many reasons to why condoms break during intercourse the common ones include the following: 

1. The condom too small for your manhood

There are also possibilities that the condom broke because it was used too small to withstand your circumference. Condoms can break in use if they are not inserted on properly, example, if no enough room at the condom's tip was left.

2. It got expired 

 Experts says that as condoms reaches the end of their functional life, they smash. The Older, out-of-date condoms are not reliable and are are easy to break. To preventing this from happening, you should be very careful to check the condom's expiration dates next time you buy one and don't buy from streets.

3. It got weak by heat exposure

Exposure to higher heat rays is one of the leading causes of condoms breaking. The friction and heat in these locations may rupture if you keep your condoms in your wallet and remain in the sun for an extended period of time. Condoms should be stored in chilly, dark areas, away from direct sunlight.  Read also: Razor burn Vs Herpes

4. Rough riding

Even though friction aids in making sex more enjoyable, too much of it  can rip or break the condom. Additionally, doing so without making use lubricants doesn't make things any better. Lubrication is required to because it reduces the risk of condoms breaking. If at all feasible, use condoms that have been well lubricated; if not, add extra one. By utilizing a good lubrication, you can greatly reduce friction.

5. Factory errors

In an uncommon circumstances, the manufacturer's error may not be your fault for condom break. Even if condoms are subjected through a number of tests to look for flaws and microtears, occasionally these things does happen. As a result, be extra cautious when you do it.

6. Disagreement between partners

Though not common, in the screening room I  have received reports that one of the partners deliberately pierced the condom when trying to insert into the vagina. When partners agree to have sex with a condom such issues do not exist however, the problem comes when one of them is in disagreement. It could be a man or a woman tearing it deliberately for reasons known to him or herself. Some of the reasons I received was that the man wanted a child while a woman did not. 

One of the cases a woman reported to the out patient department seeking help for emergence contraception after noticing the condom broke and her husband confirmed breaking it because he wanted a third child.         Read also: 8 side effects of implants

If a condom breaks. What should You Do?

Go to your nearest health facility. Delaying and changing condoms may not save from the consequences. 

If a condom breaks, consider stop using it straight away and switch to a fresh one. Call your doctor and discuss your concerns if you are worried about becoming pregnant. So  your aim in this case is to remember the advice given above to always have safer sex without breaking things.

 The concerns couples experience after a condom break include: Pregnancy and  sexually transmitted diseases. 

To make sure you are helped your health worker will provide:

  • PEP (If your partner is HIV positive while  you are negative)
  • Emergency contraceptives.
  • Antibiotics to prevent sexually infections in case one of you is infected.

Therefore, make sure you use a reasonably new condom with a good amount of lubrication and change condoms as necessary, even in-between intercourse if it has been going on for a while.  seeking help from a healthcare  provider immediately a condom breaks is the best favour you can offer to yourselves.

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