As long as you are staying in Zambia, one day you could have heard of NHIMA and wondered what it was. When you go to a hospital for treatment of your health issue, the medical staff there still inquires as to whether you are a member of NHIMA. And you demand angrily, "Please, what makes NHIMA unique, and what does it have to do with my health?"  Don't worry. You've arrived to the right place, man. 

 I'll go over all you need to know about NHIMA, the online registration process, the advantages of membership, and how to get started.

What is NHIMA

National health insurance management authority (NHIMA) is a governmental body that seek to improve health accessibility of its citizens in the country. In simple terms , NHIMA facilitates your financial handling in the health management affairs once you get registered. All you  need is get registered and pay monthly subscription fees to the authority.  Medicines and other needed resources for your health issue treatment will be organized by NHIMA through it's accredited health facilities in Zambia. 

Section 4 of the National Health Insurance Act No. 2 of 2018 creates the National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA).

The mandatory National Health Insurance program aims to give Zambian households and the entire health system access to sound and dependable healthcare finance. This will secure the supply.

nhima Registration
Photo by Jose Phiri. Registration for Health insurance made easy

How To Register For NHIMA online

There are 3 types of memberships you can choose to register on. 

1. Self registration

This membership if for most of you who are individuals and willing to pay monthly direct to NHIMA bank account. After registration you will be given membership number so you can present it to any affiliated health facility as you receive treatment.

2. Employer registration

Business owners who have workers can register all their workers so they can get safe and affordable health services when they go to health facilities that are accredited by NHIMA

3. Pension manager registration

Only for pension managers who have responsibilities of processing their members health affairs.

Self Registration - Members or Individual

Step One

A self-employed citizen or established resident must fill out Form I, which may be accessed from the website Download form I

Fill out Form I. Please take note that Part A is required and must be finished in full. When submitting the form, all necessary supporting material must be included as requested.

Step Two

The applicant must complete Form part B2 and list their typical monthly salary as well as the industry in which they work.

Step three

After that, the applicant would have to pay 1% of their disclosed monthly income as stated on the registration form. The following bank account should be used to deposit the money.

Account Name

National Health Insurance Management Authority - Fund

A/C Number


Bank Name

Indo Zambia Bank Limited


Lusaka Main Branch

Swift Code


Sort Code


Step Four

The application form must have the payment receipt attached.

Step Five

The form must be properly filled out, signed, and given to the Authority for evaluation along with all supporting documents, such as payment receipts.

Send To: 

Physical Address

The National Health Insurance Management Authority,
First Floor,
Levy Mwanawasa Medical University,
Commercial Hub,
Great East Road,

Postal Address 

The National Health Insurance Management Authority,
P.O. Box 31772,


Additionally, the Full Application may be submitted  via email to

NHIMA Online Registration

You can register here to join the authority and enjoy the benefits.

After clicking on this link you will see a form as shown below. To register choose Members, then go down the form and choose "Sign-up". You will need to fill all the information they need and submit. Please be patient the process maybe involving.

NHIMA online

NHIMA registration/Login form

What Are Benefits of getting NHIMA membership?

1.VIP treatment

Once you get to an accredited hospital the reception for you will be faster and within minutes your health issue is solved.

2.Everything is paid for already.

No one will request you to pay for a service because you did that already through monthly subscriptions.

3.They have fair subscription fee.

You don't need to dry up your pockets NHIMA is affordable. Just one percent of your basic salary gets you and your family covered.

4.They are well stocked with medicines

NHIMA has pharmacies are well stocked with different kinds of medicines that you are authorized to go and get as long as you are a registered member. A doctor writes a prescription then you go to any NHIMA accredited pharmacy for your meds pick up. No stress involved.

5.Widely available in Many places 

Especially Lusaka province has so many hospitals under NHIMA making it easy for you to access the services. 

6.Great complaints handling

NHIMA is good at handling your complaints and they make sure to solve it to your heart's satisfaction. You can easily drop a complaint online here

Download 2023 list of NHIMA Supported Hospitals and Clinics In Zambia


If you need a health cover insurance for you and your children then NHIMA is the right organization to go to. They are affordable, easy registration process and they are rich in health resources since they collaborate with many health facilities across the country. You have a lot of advantages just by getting a membership.

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