We have heard so many guys saying she is a gold digger. Many times we tend to paste this name to girls and women but even male gold diggers exist. I wont tell you examples, you will surely know them by signs after reading this post. 

Who is a gold digger? 

An individual who seeks and establish a relationship with another person entirely for utilizing or exploiting that person's money and wealth is known as a gold digger. The purpose of the gold digger is to get into a relationship in order to gain access to the target's wealth; they do not truly feel an emotional or physical attraction to their spouse.
signs of a gold digger
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The typical gold digger relationship is one in which a young lady pursues an older, wealthier guy. However, anyone can be a gold digger, regardless of their gender or age. She will either continue in the relationship and take use of it while giving as little as possible in return, wait for the older man to pass away so she may inherit his fortune, file for divorce and attempt to gain money through legal proceedings, or just stay in the relationship and take advantage of it.

What are Signs of  a Gold Digger? 

In order to locate and catch their targets, gold diggers can employ a variety of  strategies. There are certain complex indications that someone is in a relationship only for financial gain. The following are the signs of a gold digger. 

1. They start degrading you immediately you are bankrupt.

A person who start looking at you as nothing simply because you are now financially limping is a gold digger and  no second thought about it. She will start comparing you to rich guys and show that you are a loser and that she prefers to be like the partner of that rich man. What to do about that sign of a god digger is entirely your choice. Be good at observing things in life. You will surely not miss signs of a gold digger.

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 2. They only mingle with fellow gold diggers 

The adage "you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep" is true. It's a red flag that your partner's friends could be gold diggers if they only date or marry older, wealthy partners.

3. Very quick at knowing your financial status

When you are in a committed relationship or marriage it is okay to get interested in your partner's financial situation. However it could also be a red flag because you may be dealing with a gold miner. The difference  with normal financial concerns is that a gold digger would want to know each and ever move you make that involves money. They are interested in money so observe their whole aim is money to a relationship.

4. Only expensive gifts make them smile.

A fairly or cheap priced gift to a gold digger?  She will show no interest even in your messages or greetings.  A gold digger does not need normal items only extravagant. she wants to suit the lifestyle she can brag to friends about the expensive gift you bought for her.
Flowers or a handwritten poem may seem like a meaningful gift to you, but to a gold digger, these items are worthless. Only gifts with a large monetary value appear to make them happy.

5. They are extremely jealous. 

Did you notice an abnormal jealous from your partner when you are rich and interacting with the opposite sex? It's normal to feel jealous of your partner if they are entertaining other people of the opposite gender but with the gold diggers it's a different story. Their jealous is extremely unnecessary and especially if they see a sign of you spending money on other people.  The aim of a gold digger is to amass wealth from you. Hence seeing another person with you is a big threat to their objective. Do you want to prove them wrong? Get broke and mingle with the same girl, she will never pay attention this time around. 

6. They are good at enticing victims for sex. 

Once a gold digger understands that you have cash, they will play all tricks to make sure you are grabbed. They will seduce you in different ways that resisting is almost impossible. They can send nudes to your inbox even if you are not in a relationship with them. 

Gold diggers will utilize their charm, good looks, and sexual appeal to get what they want because they are, by definition, not seeking for employment.

7. They can do anything to gain a social fame.

The aim of gold diggers is to gain, or at least to appear to have, a high class position in society. For them, wealth is merely a means to this purpose. Their thoughts are  that by  having money  they will be able gain desired status symbols like fame and powers. Most of the times gold diggers may particularly dislike those with poor social statuses, such as those who are homeless or employed in the service industry.

8. The current partner is richer than all the exes. 

If a person has a run of ex-partners who are each successively wealthier than the preceding one, that person is definitely a gold digger. With a wealthy companion, gold diggers can attend elite events and parties and look for a partner who is more wealthier.

9. Your looks doesn't match with their preferences but they stick to you. 

Your partner may be in the relationship for reasons other than you or your appearance if you feel they are out of your league or, for example, better looking than you. It's possible that they entered the relationship to pursue your fortune if you are materially considerably wealthier than them.

10. They feel entitled to your properties. 

The gold digger thinks they are entitled to everything and don't need to work for it. They don't feel the same need to contribute to the relationship's overall success. You will notice most of the time whatever nice looking item they have was acquired free from men or someone. They are not hardworking but lazy people with high ambitions. 

11. They are arrogant and greedy. 

While gold diggers can have a normal behavior towards other things they demonstrate arrogance and greedy when it comes to money matters. They doesn't care who they are talking to if it is money they can insult you just to make you give up money for them. They can blackmail or intimidate  so you give your money away to them.

12. They spend nothing on you. 

A relationship that is healthy has a sign of sacrifice for each other. No matter how rich your partner is a need to spend some money on them is inevitable. For gold diggers the story is different. They may rarely spend any coin on you. All they want is harvesting from you even if they did not sow anything. Gold diggers only enjoy receiving not sacrificing for a relationship. 

How to deal with a Gold Digger?

You must make a decision regarding how to move forward if you think your partner is a gold digger. It could be best to break off the relationship in order to move forward. This can be challenging, though, if you've found love with them or there are other compelling reasons to stay in contact, like the fact that they are a co-parent to your kids.

Make an effort to verify whether your lover truly solely wants your money. What would they do, for instance, if you lost all of your wealth overnight? You have a right to clarification on the issues that are bothering you if you desire honesty and openness in your partnership.

Of course, it's crucial to examine your legal responsibility to continue to provide for your spouse after the relationship ends. The settlement will be determined by the following factors: whether you two are married, whether you have children, whether a prenuptial agreement exists, state regulations, and your financial situation.


While it is okay for people to be ambitious in life, gold diggers are just too much and you will be able to differentiate them from other people who like material things.  Once you feel she is a gold digger knw what to do about it before you are left broke. 

Do you have a new girlfriend? Get a leave from work and say you are fired. Simply act normal but do not overspend this time so we see if she is a gold digger or not. A normal life will make her stay but if she looks for that high spending lifestyle she is most likely a good digger. You have told her the situation and a normal woman needs to understand and adjust accordingly.