There are just some certain things that most men admire and finds so lovely in women more than good looks . What do you think they are? Is it the respect, the way she submit herself or bedroom things? 

I've compiled a list of traits that men value more in women than physical attractiveness in this article. While a man may be drawn to a woman for her physical appeal, there are other qualities that are more important.

10 traits that men likes the most in a woman:

1. Genuine smiles: Men value women who exude joy and grin at them. A smile can be extremely alluring and hospitable.
2. Culinary prowess: It's been said that a man's stomach is his window to his heart. Cooking scrumptious meals for a man is a common way for women to win his love.
3. Playfulness: Not to be serious and moody all the time, men likes a woman who shows some form of playfulness and the need to interact with her man. When a woman is mature and fun, most men perceive her to be more beautiful. Men like women who have a lively and playful side.
4. Messy, long hair attracts men's attention in the same way as skirts and heels do.
5. Compassion: Men appreciate women who have compassion and care for others. Small acts of kindness, such as attending to their needs or demonstrating empathy, can leave a lasting impact.

6. Authenticity: Men value women who are genuine and don't strive to be someone they are not. To be highly valued strive to be natural and sincere .
7. Curves: Because men are visual creatures, they frequently favor women who have curves. It is believed that curves represent fertility and the possibility of healthier offspring.
8. Sense of humor: Having a good sense of humor is a plus for men because they see it funny and enjoyable. For them to date a woman they do not forget to observe if that woman has it. In order to have a long-lasting relationship, you need to be able to make each other laugh.
9. Ambition and satisfaction: Men prefer partners that are driven and always developing. A man's interest may be diminished by a lack of ambition.

10. Motherly instinct: People find a woman appealing if she displays an interest in looking for both herself and others and feels at ease being independent. Read also: 10 things women look for in a man

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Men despise the following traits in women:

1. Arrogance: Confidence and arrogance can be distinguished by a thin line. Men favor confident, but not conceited, women.
2. Negativity: Men like to introduce women they are proud of to other people, thus they are drawn to positive women.
3. Neediness: Being excessively reliant and clingy might alienate a man and cause relationship stress.
4. Lack of ambition: Men are turned off by women who lack ambition since it can affect all facets of their lives, including their romantic relationships.


It's critical to keep in mind that real beauty originates from the within, from a lovely mind, heart, and soul. Every man may have a different favorite character in a lady, but studies have shown that most men adore two or more of the characteristics mentioned. Spend some time thinking about the qualities you want in a woman. Women should give their spouses their all and learn what makes them happy; it's really as simple as that when it comes to winning men over.

Thanks for your effort reading my post till the end and wish the very best of you and your partner. Here are 10 signs she is a wife material

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