Toxic women have a common character which is greedy and selfish, they can make a man think that all women are problems. There are good women out there if she is toxic leave her for another one who is good and takes you as her man but not a slave.

When it comes to relationships, it's been stated that it's preferable to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. women may tend to be manipulative sometimes  and  the only goal is to see themselves satisfied without considering a man. Women can make you a slave in a relationship, make you beg for nothing and all sorts of drama. My brother if you  see such signs it means the woman you have is toxic.  A relationship with a toxic woman may end up getting you stressed through out. Is she your girlfriend and you feel she is toxic?  

But what if you're in a relationship where you feel insulted, judged, and belittled all the time?

What if your lover never expresses satisfaction with everything you do and makes you feel as though you can never win them over?

If this describes your circumstance, your partner might be toxic. People around toxic girlfriends may experience unpleasant lives as a result. Therefore, it's crucial to understand how to handle them.

Dating toxic women is like hell but no one is ready to discuss this topic in most cases. 

Here are 10 ways to deal with toxic women

1. Don't feel guilty to say no.

She is your woman and attend to her needs accordingly, but with toxic women they would want to exaggerate things. Toxic women wants to take all your time doing their requests even if they can see you are dealing with other important things that may benefit both off you or your personal life. If you fail to go and do this and that for me it means you don't love me or i have dumped men who refused to do this and that in my past life. Okay fine let her know you are also important and she needs to respect your personal life. If what you are doing is more important than her request say no and explain why. Yes you love her but it's not that you need to dance to her tunes 

2. Don't allow her toxicity destroy your confidence.

You need to stop your girlfriend from repeatedly damaging your self-esteem with her comments if this is the case. Nobody should have to behave cautiously around their partner out of fear of upsetting them. It's time for your partner to go if her cruel remarks are making you uncomfortable.

3. Don't accept her repeated apologies.

Today she makes you feel like trash then tomorow even the other day and you keep tolerating her apologies? You must be mad. Don't fall for the tired "I'm sorry" ruse if your girlfriend consistently treats you disrespectfully. Just because you apologize to someone doesn't mean that everything will be well. And if she keeps apologizing for treating you badly after doing so, she isn't truly sorry. She only wants to continue mistreating you and getting away with it.

4. Don't let her drama make you do things.

Toxic women are crafty and adept at getting what they want by pressing the right buttons. They might attempt to manipulate you by acting the victim or by showing weakness. Keep yourself in check and resist their harmful behavior. Put a stop to it right away if your girlfriend is guilt-tripping you into doing things for her.

5. Don't stay with them just because of fear.

If she doesn't get what she wants, your partner can be threatening to leave you or harm herself all the time. If this describes your girlfriend, you must break up with her, even if it means that she carries out her threats.

Always keep in mind that you are the only one who can actually make you happy. No one is ready to do it for you. When toxic people are in your life, your happiness will suffer.

6. Don't let her use sex to manipulate you.

It's time to break up with your girlfriend if she is continually attempting to sexually seduce you or refusing to have sex with you in order to play games. Someone shouldn't use sex as a deciding factor in your life. You'd be better off without your girlfriend if she treats it that way.

toxic women
Image Credit: 123RF. A woman manipulating a man for her own gains.

7.Consider breaking up with her 

Even if you love your girlfriend, there are instances when you have no choice but to quit your relationship with her if she is poisonous. It might be time to quit your relationship if she isn't willing to make changes or compromise it.

8. Show her that you can do far much better without her.

At the end of the day, your girlfriend is just one of the millions of people who would be fortunate to have you, many of whom won't make you feel inadequate for dating them. She doesn't have your best interests in mind if she says you'll never find someone better.

9. Don't stay with women who want to show that other men are better than you

It's time to break up if your girlfriend continuously criticizes everything you do and insists that she deserves more. Although you may have initially tolerated her imperfections, there is no justification for you to accept anything less than the finest version of yourself.

It's time to break up if her expectations of perfection don't align with where your relationship is truly at. If not, she'll continue to demand more from you and be disappointed no matter what.

10. Don't let her show as if you are a useless man.

You should think about dating someone else if your girlfriend is always criticizing you, destroying your manhood, and destroying your self-esteem.

It's time to leave your relationship if you're continually treated like the underdog. Find someone who will treat you like the king you truly are.


Good women exit and toxic ones too. Love your partner and do your best for her. If you see that she is toxic then think twice because you will live a miserable life. You do not need to sacrifice on a toxic woman in the name of love, you are not Jesus. Toxic women would want to behave as if only them are important and you should work hard even suffering for their needs not yours.

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