Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic that belongs to a group called cephalosporins, one of the strong and effective antibiotics on the market. Ceftriaxone tablets 500 mg does not seem to exist yet but injection ceftriaxone is available and prescribed for treatment of many bacterial infections. 

There is a criteria or factors that determines the route of administration for all drugs. For drugs that gets destroyed by stomach acid are not available in tablets form and ceftriaxone is one such drug that you get  through intramascular or intraveneous but not through mouth. Maybe if there could be some twerks that can be done to make ceftriaxone tablets 500 mg or other presentations, still the pharmaceutical firms will update everyone through right channels of communication.

ceftriaxone tablets 500 mg
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 This post will be about ceftriaxone injection use, side effects and other important information.

What are the uses of ceftriaxone.

Ceftriaxone injection is used to for treating many types of infections caused by bacteria. It is termed a broad spectrum antibiotic because it  has the capacity to kill different species of bacteria. Among the bacterial infections that can be treated by ceftriaxone include : Pneumonia, meningitis , gonorrhea, chlamydia , skin infections, throat infections, ear infections, other respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and many more. 

Ceftriaxone is also mostly used for prevention of infection in patients that are going for a surgical operation. In that case,the injection is given before the procedure 

Does ceftriaxone tablets exist?

Ceftriaxone in tablets form is not yet available because of  pharmacological considerations. Many drugs that cannot be used through oral route means that they cannot withstand the acid actions that is in the stomach because potency (drug action power) can be reduced. However if there are some pharmaceutical alterations and additions that can be done to maintain its effectiveness, ceftriaxone tablets could be available in 500 mg, 250 mg or any presentation. 

What are side effects of ceftriaxone

Just like most drugs, ceftriaxone side effects may not occur to all patients. And different patients may experience different set of side effects.

When the effects happen may include the following:

  • Feeling nausea and vomiting.
  • Abdominal pains
  • Feeling feverish and sweating.
  • Pain in your chest, 
  • Headaches
  • You may fail to breath well
  • Feeling Weakness immediately or after some hours.
  • Severe reaction that can produce skin bumps (Anaphylaxis)

How is ceftriaxone given

The dosage forms of this drug include powder that can be dissolved using water for injection and is given through mascles or through vein. When given through vein, the feeling of nausea and wanting to vomit increases that when given intramascular. 
Ceftriaxone comes in 500mg, 250mg, 1g, 2g or 10g injectable powder for injection. It also comes in intraveneous (IV) solution of 1g/50 ml.


Many bacterial infections gets curea by using ceftriaxone injection. Ceftriaxone should be used in treating serious infections because using it anyhow can lead to a big problem called drug resistance and that is why only prescriptions should be used to command dispensation of the drug.  It comes in different brand names such as Rocephin, Ceftrisol, Esticef, etc.