When a man and a woman are dating and engaged, their lives are happy because they are showing each other a lot of love and care. But after they get married, problems and crises come up, and they both begin to wonder what happened to their love. We'll talk about the most common reasons for marital disagreement in this article. These 10 mistakes that couples make after marriege will help you understand or become aware of them so you can make some adjustments to maintain your sweet love.

Here are mistakes couples make that kill love after marriage

1. Depending much on outsiders

Depending much on outsiders can bring confusion and kill your love. Since they have no genuine idea what goes on inside your relationship, the theird person could just be toxic to your marriage. Certain information from third parties may merely cloud your judgment and the connection you share with your partner. The important thing is to use extreme caution when it comes to outside influences on your relationship. 

2. Undervaluation 

It's simple to slip into the habit of undervaluing your spouse and believing they will always be there for you when you get married. This may result in a lack of gratitude and appreciation for one another, which may engender bitterness and feelings of abandonment.

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3. Poor communication

In any relationship, communication is essential, but after marriage, it becomes even more crucial. A common error made by couples is to assume that their partner is aware of their thoughts and emotions. This can result in miscommunication and wounded feelings.

4. Lack of attention

It's simple to neglect spending quality time with your spouse when you have a lot on your plate with job, family, and other commitments. On the other hand, neglecting to give your relationship enough attention can make you feel disconnected and alone.

5. Unresolved Conflicts

Any relationship will inevitably have conflict, but it's crucial to find a constructive and healthy solution. Failing to do so might result in resentment and rage, which can damage partners' trust and love for one another.

6. Lack of romance

It's simple to slip into a routine after marriage and allow the romance and thrill of the union to wane. But if the flame isn't maintained, it can eventually die of boredom and discontent, which is what happens to love.

7. I dont care mentality

One of the main reasons why love has lost its shine and allure in many modern relationships is apathy. Since the couple's love for one another has waned over time, this leads to divorce. Therefore, it is crucial that the couple fights the urge to get comfortable and instead collaborates fervently to restore their marriage.

8. Emotional trauma

The majority of husbands use harsh criticism instead of realizing how their words can harm their wives' feelings. In addition, she damaged her reputation by openly disparaging her views in front of loved ones, friends, and even total strangers.

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9. Comparing your parner with others.

Comparing oneself to another annoys both husband and wife since it leaves the other feeling inadequate, irritated, and undervalued. Within the marriage, this may cause emotions of uneasiness and threat.

10. Reluctance

After getting married, a lot of men and women tend to relax. One of the ingredients to a successful and romantic marriage is carrying out the tasks you used to perform for her or for him. Continue being the kind of person you used to be to your partner. Since you are the one who selected him or her, accept it as an important decision you have made and accept that no one else would. Read next: Signs she is a gold digger

couple fighting in marriege
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