Do you believe that your girlfriend didn't love you or that it was your fault that caused a break up? Most of the time, people sit down and consider what they might have done differently in a relationship that ended in breakup. You may consider not blaming yoursel because its possible she never loved you. There are signs that shows you were never loved by your girlfriend.

Since love is such a complicated and deep feeling, it might be difficult to tell if a former girlfriend truly loved you. But certain clues can suggest that the love wasn't as real or profound as you thought it was. We'll look at indicators in this post that your girlfriend might not have loved you as much as you believed.

Here are signs she never loved you:

1. She didn't care about your feelings.

Love is a vital quality that requires empathy and regard for one another's feelings. It can indicate a lack of real love and empathy if your girlfriend frequently downplayed or invalidated your feelings, minimized your worries, or ignored your needs.

2. She paid attention to other men.

When it comes to women considering other men more important than their boyfriends, nobody should tell you otherwise. She will spend more time hanging out with other men than with you if she doesn't love you. Consider asking her why. She knows the answers, and her haughty tone of voice will let you know who she is. 

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signs she never loved
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3. Never had emotional attachment

Absence of emotional engagement in the relationship is one of the main indicators that she might not have really loved you. She might not have prioritized or invested emotionally in the relationship if she frequently gave off the impression of being cold, uninterested, or aloof.

4. Her communication was poor.

Communication that works is essential in any loving partnership. She may not be emotionally invested if she spoke inconsistently or in a one-sided way, for example, by avoiding discussions about feelings, delaying resolving conflicts, or not genuinely showing interest in your ideas and worries. She rary initiates a conversation or its you to start a chat every time.

5. She never made sacrifices willingly.

Making concessions and sacrifices for the sake of a relationship is typically a part of love. It might be a sign that her love was fake if she continuously put her personal needs and wants before of the requirements of the partnership or if she refused to try to work things out or make it better.

6. She never cared about your hard times.

Partners in a genuine relationship ought to support one another during difficult times. Her absence of presence or support during your personal struggles or crises may be a sign of her lack of sincere love and concern for your welfare.  Read also: 10 Reasons relationships fail

7. Small arguments made her want to leave.

She doesn't love you if she threatens to leave after a little disagreement. She'll say all kinds of stuff to make it seem like you're a bad guy and that breaking up is the best course of action. Arguments will always arise in a relationship, but most of the time, partners can work things out. Your girlfriend is not interested in you if she doesn't want to admit when she is wrong and just thinks about moving on. Small disagreements do not give you the right to end a happy relationship.

8. She always wanted to play victm.

A woman who doesn't love you will make every effort to seem like the victim in every argument. She wants to give the impression that you are a toxic man and that she is unable to show you sacrifice, royalty, or love. She'll start making comparisons between you and her ex or her friend's boyfriend. As soon as you observe such deplorable behavior, you are not liked. 

9. She was not appreciative. 

She won't ever appreciate your efforts to please her, no matter how hard you try. She doesn't have you on her heart, which is the reason. A girl who is in love with you doesn't need gold to express her gratitude. She won't hesitate to express her disinterest in anything you have purchased or done for her. 

10. She Perpertually lied 

The trust and love that hold two individuals together are undermined when lying and cheating enter a relationship. Relationships require time to develop trust, and once it is lost, it can be difficult to restore.  A strong, healthy individual might become insecure, suspicious, poisonous, and fragile in a relationship characterized by a lack of trust. It gradually erodes one's self-esteem and capacity to love and trust in other people. 

It's quite obvious how your former partner thought about you if your relationship has caused you to develop these traits. Lying and cheating are always decisions. The fact that your spouse cheated or lied to you is not your fault. 

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